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Why people think they will win powerball – Explanation from psychologist

Why people think they will win powerball – Explanation from psychologist

Why people think they will win powerball – Explanation from psychologist

Whenever the jackpot amount keeps increasing to a hundred million and billion dollars, we readily observe people get a hurry in purchasing Powerball lottery tickets. Lottery players have the hope that they can be winners among 292 million chances. People love to think that they are touching this prize pool even just one time in their life. CNN once reported that US residents were fond of this game of chance. They spent approximately $73.5 billion in 2017 only to buy lottery tickets.

Under here, we will look at some explanation from psychologists about why people keep thinking that they can be odd of 292 million chances to win the jackpot.

Lottery gamblers tend to look up and not look down

Yes, people know that it is scarce to win just a lottery prize already. And we do not even need to mention lottery jackpot. Lottery players usually lean in to look and praise the image of previous Powerball or Mega Millions winners. It is more usual than considering how many people are there losing money by buying the lottery tickets. People’s minds are surrounded by influenced stories about winners who changed their lives thanks to becoming a lucky one. To comparison, the numbers of jackpot winners are a few while the numbers of losers are uncountable. Those few lucky winners and their inspiring stories published on the news, talkshow, and internet while no one is interested in talking much about how many lottery losers there are in total

People believe that they can break the odd:

In the gamblers’ mindset, they believe that they can control the outcome. Whenever they make a more significant step than simply buy one ticket, they start to think they have significantly affected the odds. The psychologists claim that this feeling is a delusion. No matter if people slightly or magnificently influence the odd, the numbers in winning tickets are still incidental. Hence, humans cannot control random.

They expect what it is going to be with the money they put in the lottery:

People acknowledge well about their chance to win the jackpot is exceptionally slim. It means that they had prepared for how much they would lose when they bought a ticket and started making entry. People are feeling just fine when they can exchange some money to take the chance.

People always think they “almost” win or near miss:

Imagine a person bought a Powerball’s lottery ticket with five white numbers and one red number. After checking the result, and he gets a few matching numbers with Powerball numbers. This result might help the player win a division or not. But then, it makes the players think that they “almost ring the bell,” or they are closer to the winning. This feeling and belief as a stimulation tool which makes people even purchase more and more lottery tickets after.

In fact, it is impossible that they almost win. Powerball lottery result is a combination of 5 numbers in 69 numbers and 1 number in 26 red numbers. Besides, the mixture is different all the time, and hard to get the same or similar series for a long time. When the result in your lottery looks like you almost win, why don’t you think how many sets of numbers are similar to that?

Buy more tickets = lower the odd = more chance to win:

rate, players who hold more tickets may have more opportunities to win. If a player buys 100 lottery tickets, they have more chances to win, than people who buy only ten tickets. But when it comes to losing, the more you purchase equal with the money you throw away. There is also a phenomenon about how to secure the Powerball Jackpot. Yet, people discuss that, what if they invest big, will they win the jackpot then?

Nonetheless, you need to pay $2 x 292,201,338 = $584,402,676. When the jackpot amount is rolling to million or billion-dollar, people start to think it is not a bad deal and is worth to risk. Even though you can pay that much money to buy every combination that can happen and seize the winning, there is one thing you still cannot control: what if another person has the same strategy? Or a player “accidentally” buys a winning ticket with less effort? You need to share the jackpot amount with people who hold the same winning tickets as you. In case there is only one winning ticket co-holder, the split jackpot amounts hard to cover the cost that the player did payout before.

People worry about not playing:

Lottery fans who continuously play lottery games may panic about missing a draw or forgetting to buy lottery tickets for a few rounds. It is because of their imagination that they may win the round they have missed. The psychologist said it is “anticipated regret.”. There are cases that people can get obsessed with “not playing the lottery,” while they keep recalling the missed round and imagine they would have played the winning number series.

Matter of time and effort that people have spent:

people keep playing the lottery with the hope they can win one day. It seems desperate belief that “magic will happen to pay off all their effort one day.”. The investment for lotto games has piled up so high that people cannot withdraw. So players are continuing stepping in this losing looping trap.

“It is just a small amount of money”:

Lottery players tend to explain for their action: “It is not much for one ticket, it is good if I win, but if not, it is fine.”. All of the declarations aim for easy-justifying their behavior. People keep paying little amount every day with that justify in their mind, and of course, with the hope of big winning beyond a super-slim chance for a very long time.


In the end, it is not impossible to win a lottery and hit the jackpot. Lotteries are games of chances and suitable for entertainment. However, people should be aware of their mindset about playing and winning the lottery, so that is as healthy as possible.

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