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WinLotto247 Reviews

WinLotto247 Reviews Reviews

WinLotto247 is an international lottery site where you can join and play almost the most popular lottery games of chance in the world.

The website aims to provide lottery players a simple betting platform and opportunities to pursue a massive pool of prizes and jackpot of several different lottery games.

By playing lotteries games of chance from winlotto247, the players do not need to worry about running to stores to buy physical tickets, missing a draw, or misplacing a ticket.

The massive jackpots and winning opportunities are integrated into just one website. With winlotto247, you just need to have an account. After that, from the beginning to the end of a draw, winlotto247 can become your companion.

What do we like about winlotto247

The best advantage of winlotto247 is the simplicity of the website. Winlotto247 provides the user with an easy-to-use and navigate the site with elegant and fresh color design. Everything is visualized as transparent as possible. The players can easily access necessary information without any complicated manipulation.

On the main page, the players can follow all available lottery games in dashboards with essential details on each type, such as rolling jackpot amount, drawing date and time, ticket prices, and access to learn more details on each game.

Second best, winlotto247 allows players almost around the world to create an account, register membership, and do account verification in an incredibly effortless way.

All you need is just necessary information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email, and a valid password. In terms of account verification, the player just needs to click a button from the winlotto247 verification email.

The essential advantage of winlotto247 is the convergence of all popular lottery games in the world within just one website. The players have various options to choose their favorite lottery games or the type they would like to play.

Furthermore, the players can also attend to different lottery games at once without worrying messing up tickets or losing any physical tickets

How does winLotto247 work?

At the most beginning, the user needs to create an account and become a member with winlotto247 to play any lottery games.

To create an account and to do verification is the most crucial step.

To become a winlotto247 member, you can click the Register button at the top bar, fill in the necessary information, and press submit. After the account has been validated, the user can start to purchase a lottery ticket and attend to millions of dollar jackpots hunting.

There are two ways to start buying lottery tickets.

Firstly, the player can choose deposit methods with Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, or Astropaycard before purchasing any ticket.

You can always check the balance in the top bar of the websites and choose to deposit by clicking the button next to the cash balance cell.

Secondly, the players can start planning their preferred ticket first.

After selecting the lottery-type lottery amount and entering your lucky number on the ticket, you can make a payment based on how much do those costs in total.

In terms of picking numbers for the lottery ticket, each lottery game will have unique rules and different types of entry.

The players can freely choose numbers and enter as they wish. This step can be done manually by the players but can also be completed using a quick pick.

Quick Pick option at winlotto247 using the random number generator can randomly choose a set of numbers for the player. This option is time and effort saving for the users when they run out of inspired numbers or time to think and fill in the chosen numbers manually. The Quick Pick options are available for all lottery games, and the users can use it to pick one entry or a bulk entry. For one entry, the user needs to select the icon +1. Select more if you want to have from 1-4 tickets with a random number.

For the bulk entry, the users can choose +5 for five random tickets, +10 for ten random tickets, +20 for 20 random tickets. Any amount in the middle range can be selected by pressing more +1 option.

The pleasant fact is that the player can acknowledge the total money for each option when they enter the entry so that they can choose the suitable option for their favorite lottery games, which is affordable for them.

After choosing the numbers for players’ tickets, the players can make editing and changing the numbers if needed. The edit can apply for 1 number in a draw. Or the player can choose to delete a whole draw entry to have a blank board to make entry again. The manipulations can take how long and how many times as the user wants. But it must be completed before the user complete the payment. After the payment is made, the user cannot change the number anymore.

The players can also enter the numbers for tickets they wish to bet in the future and freely schedule for which draw to play.

As soon as the lottery draws the users choose to bet happen, they will receive the results into the user’s inbox.

This cannot be more convenient for users when they can know if they are any prizes or jackpot’s winners or not.

How to Login and Registration

As prioritizing simplicity, the users just need to provide necessary basic personal information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email, and a valid password.

The hardest part to do maybe is to choose a secured password that qualified the requirements. But all good is for the player’s security.

Afterward, the players must verify their account before continuing. Winlotto247 will send the registered user an email, which is for the account verification process. The user needs to confirm their registration by clicking the Verify Account button embedded in the email.

One common issue that may happen is that the verification email from winlotto247 may be delivered to the user’s email spam box.

Hence, in case the users are waiting for the verification email, they should frequently check the junk email spam box.

As noticed, if the verification email is located in the spam box, the user may encounter a fail attempt in pressing the Verify Account button.

Thus, the email must be marked as not spam and delivered to user’s primary email before other processes.

Popular Lottery Games on winLotto247

Popular Lottery Games on

Winlotto247 consists of almost every popular lottery game in the world.

If you are a fan of the lottery game, it not hard for you to know about Powerball, SuperEnamax, Euromillions, Megamillions, La Primitiva, and Oz Lotto has some of the most well-known lottery types in the world.

  1. Powerball

    It is known as American Powerball. The results for Powerball are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. People know about Powerball thanks to its gigantic jackpot amounts in the history of the lottery industry.

  2. SuperEnamax

    It is considered as new lottery games since being found in 2014 and modeled after SuperEnalotto. SuperEnamax is famous for its higher starting amount of jackpot and also higher payout amount.

  3. Euro Millions

    one of the biggest lotteries in Europe with massive jackpots amount. The results are made every Friday and Tuesday

  4. Mega Millions

    popular as holding the second most significant winning jackpot amount: $1.53 billion. The draws are held on Tuesday and Friday every week

  5. La Primitiva

    this lottery is the oldest game of chance in the world since it started in 1985. The results are drawn every Thursday and Saturday

  6. Oz Lotto

    It can be seen as an Australian national lottery with quite similar rules as Powerball and Oz Powerball and is drawn every Tuesday.

  7. Other Lotteries

    Other lottery games you can play at winlotto247 are SuperEnalotto, Euro Jackpot, France Lotto, Lotto 6Aus49, UK lotto, OzPowerball, Mega-Sena, and ElGordo.

About winlotto247’s Promos, and Bonuses

Currently, winlotto247 has a welcome offer for new players.

After successfully registering to become members at winlotto247, players have a chance to claim one free entry for US Powerball, which is one of the most popular lottery games in the world. Powerball is also the game of chance that hit the jackpot record in the lottery history with $1.6 billion.

There are two rules for this welcome offer that the players should comply with to claim a free entry. Firstly, players can only claim this welcome offer after purchasing 1 or more entry in any lottery game. Secondly, the welcome offer is only valid within seven days after the registration date.

Thus, new players should make sure that they do not miss this chance. In the terms and conditions, winlotto247 said that they might have brand promotions or competitions for the bonus in the future, then the users can participate.

winLotto247 Payout Rules

Winlotto247 mentioned that usually, there are 3 Classes of Winning Category: A, B, and C. A is represented for the main jackpot – the biggest prize. B is non-main jackpots. C is other prizes and non-jackpot. The winning will be categorized, and each category will have its own payout rules.

With the winnings and prizes that belong to category A and B, the company is able to make payout annuity in a specific period of time. The winner from category A might need to share the winning/ jackpot amount equally with other winners who have same winning tickets from Underlying Lotteries. With the winners from category B and C, winners who have insured tickets will be paid out the amount specified on the relevant Underlying Lotteries results page.

Each type of lottery will have different underlying lottery operators such as Powerball and MegaMillions is MUSL, EuroMillions is LAE. Every kind of underlying lottery operator will again have unique payout rules.

For example, Mega Millions and Powerball will pay out winning amounts to category A as 60% of winning amounts if the winners wish to take lumpsum one-time payoff instead of an annuity. The players must check carefully relevant information about the type of lottery that they wish to play in Terms and Conditions to know more.

Deposit and Withdrawal from winLotto247

The players can use deposit methods with Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, or Astropaycard. The deposit button is located in the top bar of the website. The player can choose to deposit beforehand or to pay later after selecting the tickets.

In terms of withdrawal the winning, players can only withdraw through Neteller or Astropaycard.

Winlotto247 mentioned that the winning amount should be paid to the winners within ten days of receipt of the prizes issued by the relevant insurer. The winning amount can be paid by listing currencies: British Pounds, US Dollar, or Euro.

The winning will be transferred directly to the nominated bank account of the users. Winlotto247 will require an ID verification before they can approve the withdrawal request.

Hence, the users are responsible for submitting relevant documents to prove their identity or visiting services meeting points as special settlement arrangements if needed. The winners must request to withdraw at least €12.

winlotto247 Customer Support on Lotto247

Customer Support Winlotto247

New in the online lottery industry, it seems like winlotto247 has not invested seriously in its customer services. Currently, the site only has one contacting methods through the “Contact us” form.

In the contact form, the users can choose among issues such as General Queries, Winning and Withdrawal, Transaction Status, Promotions, Documents, and Other.

This can be seen as a contrary fact that can affect customers’ decisions to play with winlotto247.

Due to the competitiveness, online lottery sites need to invest more in customer support to become outstanding among other competitors with similar offered services.

Final Thoughts – Should You Use winLotto247?

In the end, winlotto247 consists of advantages and disadvantages that players should consider if they would like to play the lottery through winlotto247 or not.

As advantages, winlotto247 is the integration of almost every popular lottery in the world. Everything is simple to navigate and not any complicated in ID Verification, which usually takes time from the players. The site includes detail and all necessary information for the players from the beginning to register accounts to the end as payout rules for each type of provided lottery game. The site provides a welcome offer with one free entry for Powerball with an easy rule to claim.

Hence, it is worth trying out.

In terms of disadvantages,Winlotto247 does not have strong customer support functions. And this is the only disadvantage that winlotto247 has. There are no live chat or phone number that the users can use to contact when they have urgent issues.

But as a new online lottery in the market, this disadvantage is acceptable and can always be improved from time to time.


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