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In the gambling industry, lotteries are one of the most popular betting games with high odds. Among that, Australia even offers some of the most amazing and fascinating jackpot prizes. Find out more information on Oz Lotto from our review below.

History Oz Lotto

Based in Australia, Oz Lotto was the first national lottery game. It was first introduced in 1994 by Tatts Group. Since then, Oz Lotto has become a popular nationwide Tuesday-draw lotto game. With the promising prizes and easy playing methods, Oz Lotto is an alluring game of chance that everyone should try out. The popularity of Oz Lotto is huge since every one out of three Australian adults would buy an Oz Lotto ticket.

Until now, people still have a huge interest in playing Oz Lotto thanks to its huge jackpot prizes that people have won before.Throughout the time, Oz Lotto has won itself several titles such as:

  • One of the biggest lottery jackpots.
  • One of the best lottery games for players with the best chance of winning any prize.
  • One of the most reasonable odds in betting games.
  • One of the most reasonable lotto tickets’ prices.

How to play Oz Lotto

Similar to other lottery games, Oz Lotto also starts with choosing numbers. It asks players to select a series of seven numbers, which range from 1 to 45. Every Tuesday, the result will be drawn by randomly picking 9 of 45 balls, which has seven winning numbers and the last two supplementary numbers, or we can say that those two are bonus numbers. The supplement numbers are picked for finding winners at divisions 2, 4, and 7.

There will be seven divisions. The biggest prize will belong to winners in division 1, and the smallest prize will belong to winners of division 7. Accordingly, the odds also vary from division 1 and division 7. The minimum prize will be guaranteed as $2 million for any winner at division 1. There is no limit in the maximum prize that the player can get.

  • You can become a winner at division 7 and win the smallest prize if you have three numbers that belong to any winning balls and one or two supplementary numbers that belong to two bonus balls.
  • Anyone who has four matches with winning number balls will win the division 6.
  • Anyone who has five matches with winning number balls will win the division 5.
  • Anyone who has five matches with winning number balls, and one or two supplementary numbers will win the division 4.
  • Anyone who has six matches with winning number balls will win the division 3.
  • Anyone who has six matches with winning number balls plus one supplementary number will win the division 2.
  • Finally, with the biggest jackpot, if you have all seven winning numbers on your ticket, you win the division 1 with a minimum of $2 million.

As a notice, for each game, there will be only one valid division. In case you win many divisions for one game, Oz Lotto will only pay out the highest winning division.

The odds of this lottery game allow you to estimate how many people you need to compete in each division to win. The smaller the odds rate, the higher chance you have to win a game. With Oz Lotto, to win division 7, you have to compete with at least 87 people. Accordingly, to win the biggest prize, you have 1 chance out of 45,379,620.

How to start to play Oz Lotto

If you want to participate in Oz Lotto, you must buy the lottery tickets first. Tatts Group gives you a bunch of choices for purchasing tickets and become a participant for the massive prize from Oz Lotto. You can buy it through multiple different places such as online webshop, in-store, or through the app.

With desktop or mobile device, you can easily find many websites that provide Oz Lotto online ticket services such as The Lott, Oz Lotteries, NetLotto, and others. This method is suitable for players around the world who want to attend the Oz Lotto’s game of chance. Players who live in Australia can make the payment to get Oz Lotto tickets by visiting one of the more than 3,800 small businesses that The Lott and Tatts Group are supporting. With people enjoying the efficiency of the digital environment, The Lott is offering The Lott App that allows the players to buy tickets by smartphone.

How to select numbers for the lottery ticket

There are many easy ways to pick numbers and start to play Oz Lotto. Currently, Oz Lotto provides four most popular options: standard entries, system entries, advance entries, and syndicate that can help people choose the most suitable option for them to play or give them more chances to win.

play oz lotto online

The standard game is the first option, as well as the most popular lotto ticket entry that a player can choose. You can choose between QuickPick or a Marked Entry. Simply, the standard game is generated with random seven numbers that a player chooses. Each standard game will give a player one chance to win a prize. The player can choose the numbers as themselves manually (Marked Entries) or by using QuickPick option that will randomly generate the numbers. Each standard game will cost around $1.30.

Secondly, there is a system entry game. This method is known as the best method to increase winning chances because it covers multiple combinations of numbers. The system entry allows the player to collect more valuable prizes from multiple games, even though it is just a minor win. To be more specific, you can choose more than a standard game, and then you can have as many chances as every possible seven combination series. For example, when you play with system ten, you will randomly choose ten numbers instead of seven, and it covers 120 times of every possible combination with seven numbers. This means you have 120 chances more.

There are two special system types, which are Pick 5 and Pick 6. Not similar to the system entry that you choose more numbers than in the standard game. Pick 5 and Pick 6 allows you to pick five and six numbers, respectively. With Pick 5, the five numbers that you have chosen will make combinations with a pair of numbers from the rest 40 numbers, which gives you 780 standard games. Similarly, with Pick 6, your six numbers will take each of the rest numbers and become 39 different standard games. With any purchase option with a systems game, you will definitely get more chances of winning one way or another.

Oz Lotto provides players with up to 20 different systems, and you can also buy as many games as you wish. The more system games you purchase, the more chances you get to win the massive prize pool.

The advance entry allows players to schedule the draws and weeks they wish to play in. The player can plan to play their favorite draw in the future. Besides, you have the option to play with a multi-week entry. With this option, you are able to use one ticket for the next ten consecutive draws. The next advance option is a subscription. Subscription entry helps you to attend every draw during your subscribed time automatically. You can release your worry about missing a draw that you may win.

Lastly, you can play Oz Lotto with syndicate games. You can understand this method as having more chances to win with less cost. You have the same tickets and games with other shareholders by sharing costs and benefits with other players. Usually, there will be 1-10 shareholders per syndicate. It works similarly as standard and system games, but depending on how many shares you purchase within a syndicate. You will need to share as many costs and benefits with the rest of the buyers in the same syndicate. For example, if you want to get 200 games with ten other shares holders, you will need to pay 1/10 times of 200 games’ price. If any game among 200 games wins, you need to share the benefit with nine more people in the same syndicate.

How to check the results of your lottery tickets

You will have the last chance to purchase Oz Lotto tickets within Australia on every Tuesday, at 7:30 pm AEST (8:30 pm AEDT). On the same day, at 9:30 pm AEDT, Oz Lotto is drawn. Every Tuesday night, the Oz Lotto results will be drawn and broadcast on Channel 7, 7TWO, or other regional stations that Tatts Group is affiliating with.

You can check the results of Oz Lotto on several websites that offer Oz Lotto betting services. For instance, you can check the drawn result on The Lott and Oz Lotteries. The Lott’s website is an official home of Australia’s lotteries, and Oz Lotteries acts as a re-seller of The Lott. By using the sites, you can check and update either the newest draw results or results from previous weeks. Besides, you can also watch the video of the draws for each week’s results. All you need to do is just to sit back and follow the drop of yellow balls. Other ways to check results are in-store services from more than 3,800 retailers within Australia. A more efficient and faster way is to download The Lott App, scan your Oz Lottery ticket, and compare the result.

Top jackpot history of Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto holds the rolling rules for the jackpot prizes; thus, it usually offers an enormous prize pool for winners in division 1. In 2012, four ticket holders won about $112 million. It became an Oz Lotto top jackpot record at all times. At that time, there were over eight million tickets sold within the country. The four ticket shareholders received approximately $27.9 million each. All four winners were from Australia. Among the four winning tickets, there was one ticket, a syndicate game of 80 members. As a result, each of them claimed an attractive prize of $349,913 each.

Throughout the time, Oz Lotto has given several huge jackpots in the online lottery industry. In June 2009, with over 10 million tickets being purchased by players, Oz Lotto recorded an enormous prize of $106 million. This prize was split 50/50 for two winners. Each family received $53 million. One winner said that he was a dedicated lottery prize hunter for more than 20 years. His passion and efforts were finally paid off with this winning. On the other hand, the other winner told the press that this was the first-ever lottery ticket that this Gold Coast’s middle-aged couple bought.

With the most recent prize in 2013, Oz Lotto changed the lives of the group of friends from Queensland. The winning journey begins when they went out for lunch together and came up with the idea to buy Oz Lotto tickets. They did not think seriously that they could win this. After the result was reported, their lives were changed when the Sydney Morning Herald said that the group could buy a Greek Island, fancy mansions in Sydney, or luxury cars. They could also invest the jackpot-winning for $2 million interest each year. The number of winners that belonged to this group is still a secret. The world is still curious about the identity of those winning women.

Thanks to Oz Lotto’s huge prize pool that it has given at all times, Oz Lotto has become one of the most wanted lottery games not only in Australia but also around the world.

Best website to play Oz Lotto

Players from everywhere can play Oz Lotto through The Lotts. This website is the official website of Australian national lotteries. Moreover, many other websites are selling tickets for Oz Lotto games. One of them is Oz Lotteries. This website is an accredited re-seller of Tatts Group. However, due to some license issues between Oz Lotteries and Tatts Group, the webshop can only sell the charitable lotteries and not the commercial lotteries. Another website that can be mentioned is NetLotto. It is an official Australian online lottery agent.

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