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Can You Guarantee a Powerball Win?

Can You Guarantee a Powerball Win?

Can You Guarantee a PowerBall Win

Every Powerball lottery players wish for a prize or even jackpot.

Especially when the jackpot amount rolls over and rises to millions, hundreds of millions, or even billion dollars, people are even more hurried and thirsty in figuring out things that may help them “touch” the prizes. Thus, the question is put on the table: How can you guarantee the winning of Powerball?

As a confirmation, there is a way to secure your Powerball winning. However, it may consider a money-losing proposition.

With this Can You Guarantee a Powerball Win article, we can explore how much effort and money you need to pay out to pursue a prize or a jackpot. We can also look at winning tips from previous Powerball winners.

How to guarantee a Powerball winning?

Can You Guarantee a Powerball Win

Firstly, we need to talk about the odds rate to win a prize and jackpot in Powerball.

How much you need to pay out to guarantee the winning?

5 white ball + PowerballJackpot1 in 292,201,338.00
5 white ball$1 Million1 in 11,688,053.52
4 white ball + Powerball$50,0001 in 913,129.18
4 white ball$1001 in 36,525.17
3 white ball + Powerball$1001 in 14,494.11
3 white ball$71 in 579.76
2 white ball + Powerball$71 in 701.33
1 white ball + Powerball$41 in 91.98
Powerball$41 in 38.32

Odds of winning mean that when you purchase a Powerball ticket, you have one chance among 38.32 chance (38.32 other people) to win the lowest prize and one chance among 292,201,338 others to claim the jackpot.

Hence, it also means that if you wish to guarantee your winning, you will need to purchase all 292,201,338 tickets! Let’s make a simple calculation. With the cheapest option you can find, each lottery ticket will cost you $2.

In order to guarantee your winning, you need to pay $2 x 292,201,338 = $584,402,676. When the jackpot rollovers to billions of dollars, this is not sound like a bad deal.

Side risks

However, even though you can purchase this amount of lottery tickets, you cannot control if anyone else accidentally buys the tickets with the same numbers or yet has a similar strategy. The jackpot amount will need to be split equally for jackpot shared winners.

Hence, if there is just one another winning ticket beside you, you must share a part of the jackpot amount, claim back your winning after-tax, can you still ensure your profitability then? Another aspect that a “Jackpot Hunter” should consider is the withdrawal method. After the jackpot, the winner will choose between a lump sum of one-time payoff or annuity payment. Each claiming method has its own issue.

Firstly, with the lump sum, the payout amount is much less than the advertised jackpot amount. For example, on March 11th, 2020, Sheryll Goedert from Florida won $396.9 Million. She chose the lumpsum method and brought back home $276,558,034.09 before tax.

Here should be noticed that the lottery prize tax will be higher for the winner when they choose the lump sum. Secondly, with the annuity payment, even though the prize tax is lower than on a lump sum and you have a chance to claim back full winning amount, the payment period will vary up to 30 years.

For better or worse, you have a high possibility of getting hurt from your investment when you choose to go this investment path.

Tips to have a higher chance to win a Powerball prize from previous winners

Consider carefully between Quick Pick and choose your own numbers

Quick Pick method is the popular way to get your ticket with a randomly chosen set of numbers. A tip from Richard Lustig, who won Powerball prize seven times, claimed that people should avoid the Quick Pick and should select their own numbers based on their intuition. In fact, there are many Powerball Jackpot winners with the Quick Pick ticket. Thus, the opportunity between Quick Pick and choose their own numbers are quite equal.

Only one different thing is that if you pick a ticket by yourself, you can have a chance to look at analysis about “hot numbers” and “cold numbers” to include those in your ticket. Besides, you can freely add your favorite or meaningful numbers as anniversary, birthday, etc. into your ticket by choosing your own numbers.

Use the full board of numbers when you choose your numbers

It is easy to understand that people usually pick meaningful numbers based on their birthdays or essential dates, usually from 1-31.

However, if players just keep choosing numbers from this range, they automatically limit their winning chance.

A tip said that people should have a diversify and choose numbers evenly from 1-69 for the white ball and 1-26 for the red Powerball.

Listen to your instinct

There were stories that some lottery jackpot hunters pursued their dream with only one set of “good” numbers (in their opinion) for several years.

Players can put their belief in one set of numbers for the first ticket and keep playing it until they win. Simultaneously, people can also buy one or several more tickets but with a different set of numbers to higher their chance.

Don’t miss any draw

Jackpot hunters should play the lottery consistently. Currently, Powerball is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. The players who desire for their winning should attend to every draw for a specific time. The more draws you miss, the more opportunities you may lose.

What if the draw you missed would have helped you win the ticket with a set of numbers you keep playing and waiting for a long time?

Have a balance between know the odds and your own limitation

Powerball or any lottery games has the rule of thumbs: the more ticket you buy, the more chances you can win or lose.

If you play 100 tickets, you have more opportunities than ten tickets. But if you lose, you will lose money for 100 tickets, which is 10 times more than when you just pay for 10 tickets. Players should have a limitation that firmly based on their own financial situation. Set a reasonable budget for how many you should pay out every week, or every month.

The players should build themselves a good discipline that will adequately protect them from the financial crisis because of betting your chances.


choose your Powerball numbers

Don’t miss any draw

Have a balance between know the odds and your own limitation


Dont Use Quick Pick Numbers

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