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The World’s Top Tickets: Favourite International Lotteries

The World’s Top Tickets: Favourite International Lotteries

Let's take a lottery's tour around the world

Let’s take a lottery’s tour around the world

Most of our readers are likely familiar with the Lottery and gambling options in the USA.  You have probably tried your luck with Powerball or in Casinos sometimes.

But how is the Lottery in other parts of the world? If you would like to find your streak of luck, here are some of the favorite Lotteries and Casinos from all around the world.

USA: Biggest Lottery- Wins Worldwide

As you are probably familiar with, casinos in the United States are a big player in the gambling industry. Most famous is Planet Hollywood, a typical Hotel and Casino found in the Las Vegas Strip. The whole city’s image builds on many spots for gambling, including the nightlife that comes with it.

However, casinos and gambling underlie strict legislation. Apart from Nevada and New Jersey, other states don’t allow gambling for money and have strict enforcement of those rules. The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), as a government-operated none-profit organization is accessible in most states. MUSL is also the organization running the most famous Lottery, Powerball. Because of them, the USA is home to the largest individual wins in the world. Enormous Jackpots are issued by US Powerball and US Mega Millions all the time. The Record lays at a whopping 1,5 Billion Dollars Profit for a Single Ticket!

South America: Latin Lottery and New Online- Options

In contrast to the well-established gaming markets in Europe, Asia, and North America, South America long held an underdog- position. But with almost 430 Million potential customers, all that is holding the industry back are long-established anti-gambling laws. With attitudes shifting to a more modern, liberal approach and successful examples of insight, some huge developments are to be expected in the few next years.

The first and so far, the only legal online-gambling market in South America is Columbia. The country has great success.  Baloto is one example; you can buy your ticket online and then look up the lucky numbers on their website as soon as possible.

The Casinos, on the other side, have a way longer tradition. When you look for an exotic, unmatched casino- experience, a few true pearls can be discovered. In Argentina, you will find an incredible 170 casinos to choose from, making the country the number one station for tourists searching for their lucky streak. The Veneto in Panama is an example of what a luxurious, exotic Latin holiday could be. It has some of the most fun gaming options in a five-star hotel.

The games themselves differ, and you will not only find Roulette or Black Jack. Baccarat, Lucky Ladies, and Let It Ride are some exciting options. Apart from regular Poker, you can play Caribbean Stud Poker and Pai Gow Poker all over the continent.

Europe: Royal Casinos and Regional Lotteries

Many different countries have many different chances to test your luck. In Germany and France, for example, casinos are usually very elegant. Arcades are more in number, but not so fancy.

The fanciest place for gambling in Europe is Monaco. The Princes of Monaco build the success of the country on its glamourous image. Rich and famous people gamble and go on holiday here all the time. The Casino de Monte-Carlo is a typical example with its high-class design and prominent guests. It is one of the reasons Monaco as a tiny country is Europe’s Lottery and Casino capital. It is a peaceful, elegant opponent to Americas Las Vegas and Asia’s Macao.

In Casinos, the games played are similar to the popular choices in the USA, like Roulette, Black Jack and Poker. The Lottery is a little bit different.

The biggest European Lotteries are EnaLotto from Italy or UK Lott. The Spanish Christmas Lottery El Gordo has the biggest Jackpot in the world each year. Continent-wide Lotteries like EuroMillions have larger Jackpots than small ones and overall higher chances of winning. But the chances of winning the Jackpot are higher at the EuroJackpot, the direct concurrent. You can buy a ticket in Lottery- Stores, or sometimes online.


Gambling has a long tradition in Asia and differs a lot from the typical experience European or North American casinos offering. With great history, some of the most exciting games have developed in the far East.

The most famous typical Asian game isMahjong. With Chinese origins, usually, four persons play it with domino-like stones. Even though it is a game of chance, it also has a lot of strategies. For Poker fans, this game is an exciting new Option. Other typical Asian games in casinos include Baccarat.It is even more famous here than in South America. Pachinko, similar to a pinball machine, and Sic Bo are very popular. Keno is a form of Lottery that gets paid out the same day you place your ticket. The fiveare typical Asian games. They are from China; which shows the country’s strong cultural influence on the whole continent.

A true Gambling Paradise in Asia is the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”, Macao. This city is more prosperous than Las Vegas or Monaco when it comes to Lotteries and Gambling. Other Asian Opponents, like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, are also stunning and exotic experience.

Chinese use the city as a place for all kinds of gambling since in the country it is officially forbidden. Games of chance are very popular in the country. Proper ways to play often include travelling on a ship into international waters.


Africa, as a continent, has a lot of online gaming. Compared to the number of Casinos, playing online is very popular here. If you want to experience a little African gambling from home, the Ithuba National Lottery is one of the most popular on the continent.

Among the top African casinos, you will find most in South Africa. One of the oldest is the Gold Reef City Casino in Johannesburg. The most popular games here are the slot machines.They are very modern and present everywhere.

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